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Patrice Bugelas-Brandt and Bill Brandt/ DSI
Corner Foundation
The Foster Foundation
Janet and Howard Kagan
Harold Koda and Alan Kornberg
Wellmet Philanthropy at the New York Community Trust

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Jennifer Bandier and Neil Boyarsky
Barbara and Joel Boyarsky
Lenore and Robert Cohen
Lizzy and Bryce Markus
Redlich Horwitz Foundation
James LaForce and Stephen Henderson
B. Robert Williamson, Jr. Foundation  

PATRON (GIFTS OF $5,000-$9,999)

Margo and John Catsimatidis
Julie Farmer and Scott Lazarus
Find Your Light Foundation
Shelley Lazar
Mona Aboelnaga Kanaan
Dolores Malaspina and Mark Rosen
Eileen Schein
Linn Tanzman and Sanford Rosen
Hyde and Watson Foundation

CATALYST (GIFTS OF $2,500-$4,999)

American Airlines
Dorothy and Martin Bandier
Jenessa and Brent Banks
Bill Graham Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund
Michael Field
Jacki Florin and Daniel Radford
Joan and George Hornig
The Joyce C. Stern Foundation
Amanda Lachowicz and Marvin Schein
Kate Lear
The Marshall Frankel Foundation
Alex and Gregory Mondre
Marlaine and Andrew Olinick
Kimberly and Viqar Shariff
Dan and Brett Sundheim
Melinda Thaler
Kate and Shai Waisman
Victoria Weiner

MENTOR (GIFTS OF $1,000-$2,499)

Jessica and Todd Aaron
Adriane and Joel Belmont
Caryn Bilzin
Marilyn Blackstone and Dean Schomburg
Rochelle and Moe Bordwin
Chloe Breyer and Greg Scholl
Joy and Steven Bunson
Donna Kramer Cohen and Ronald Cohen
Jeri and Sanford Cohen
Lori and Edward Cohen
Kathryn Croft
Margaret Crotty
Cynthia Cunningham and Stephen Shimshak
Erica and Anand Desai
Becky Diamond and Jamie Stecher
Drama League
Stephen Eisenberg
Rona Elliot and Roger Brossy
Georgia and Brady Funn
Lori and Simon Furie
Margaret Jan and Alex Chi
Mara and Michael Kane
Susan and Jason Kasarsky
Dena and Brett Klein
Nancy Klein and Michael Brodman
Soo Yun Kwon and Jeffrey Freed
Irena and Howard Laks
Nancy Lascher
Stephanie Leichter
Dana Lowey-Luttway and David Luttway
Carolyn Minick Mason
New York City Opera
Qui Tequila
Melissa and Joshua Raskin
Caroline Rhea
Randi Rossignol
Lee Shull and Arthur Pober
Pamela and Steven Sinderbrand
Jacqueline and Albert Togut
Cindi and Jason Van Brunt
The Vine Collective
Lilly and Christopher Weekes
Jacqui Weidman
William Weisberg

TEACHER (GIFTS OF $500-$999)

Zachary Abrams
Questa and Fred Anderson
Bederson LLP
Bethany C. Brichta
Michael Capasso
Laura and Andy Chonoles
Kathleen and John Clarke
Dianna Cohen
Dayle Davison
Eileen and Peter Davidson
Barbara and Frank Desiderio
Susan and James DiLeo
Phyllis and Barry Emanuel
Linda Fischbach
Elizabeth Frankel
Fran and Andrew Gelman
Linda Genereux and Timur Galan
Colleen Growe and Julian Trigo
Wendy Haft and Howie Demere
Wendy and Howard Handler
Jordan Hendin
Jennifer Hoine
Miriam and Steven Hyman
Ali and Greg Kwiat
Rebecca and Leslie Levine
Lauren Levy
Marilyn and Jay Lubell
Judith and Michael Luskin
Alice Lustig
Lara and Hernan Magarinos
Constance Maneaty
Arline Mann and Robert Katz
Laura McSherry
Cecelia Morris
Steven Musumeci
Leslie Perkins
Stephen Petronio
Leslie Plotkin
Karen and Ken Rosen
Jessica and Alon Rosin
Didi and Oscar Schafer
Audrey Schein
SJ Stile Associates
Adair Smith and John Bender
Jenny Sucov
Nancy and Michael Weber
Margie and Bryan Weingarten
Nina Weinstein
Doug Wingo 

The work that you do is so beautiful and valuable.. it has enriched my life immensely.
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