Janet M. Kagan, Chair
Pamela Sinderbrand, Treasurer
Dr. Lenore Cohen, Secretary

Jennifer Bandier
Brady H. Funn II
Harold Koda
Lizzy Markus
Eileen Schein
Linn Tanzman,

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Linn Tanzman founded Culture for One in 2010 after several years volunteering as an ‘interim care parent’ for infants. Drawing on her professional experience as a marketing and communications executive in the entertainment, beauty, fashion, and nonprofit industries and her deep passion for supporting underserved children. Ms. Tanzman began forging relationships with social service leaders, internationally recognized arts and cultural institutions and volunteer New Yorkers to create Culture for One’s unique program model. 



Kathleen Cooney Clarke
Executive Director

Susan Kasarsky
Program Director

Adair Smith
Development and Operations Director

Robin Abbott
Art Scholarships and Workshops Manager

Demetrius Shields
Program and Development Coordinator

Jenny Soderquist
Program and Administrative Associate

....Children who find their way to NYC’s Children’s Center are among the most fragile and needy children in the City. The opportunity for them, at this critical moment in their lives, to experience the inspiring glow of the arts through Culture For One is indeed a gift. We are all so grateful for your
extraordinary efforts.
— Tim Roche, Associate Commissioner of ACS Children's Center and Office of Placement Administration