what is culture for one's goal?

Our goal is to provide New York City children living in foster care with cultural experiences and exposure to a broader world, offering them inspiration and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.


how long has culture for one been around?

Culture for One was founded in 2010 by Linn Tanzman who wanted to contribute in some small way, to the betterment of foster children in her community. At the suggestion of Anstiss Agnew, Executive Director of Queens, NY foster agency, Forestdale Inc., Tanzman took a teenage girl in foster care to see a play and have lunch. It was the beginning of a program that has provided cultural excursions for nearly 650 at-risk kids, and counting.


what kind of cultural excursions do you offer children living in foster care?

The great thing about being based in New York City is our hands-on ability to expose kids to a colorful spectrum of inspiring experiences and world-class events. We think it’s important to provide a diversity of cultural experiences, so the mix of CFO’s excursions is always new and expanding. 

some of our recent cultural outings and one-of-a-kind events include:

  • Broadway and off-Broadway shows
  • Ballet and modern dance performances, rehearsals and classes
  • Museum and art gallery exhibits
  • The opera and the symphony
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Children's events including the Gazillion Bubble Show and Vital Theater Productions
  • 92nd Street Y events featuring musicians including Wyclef Jean and Alicia Keyes
  • Park Avenue Armory art installation
  • Visit to Hearst Magazines
  • A historic backstage tour of the Apollo Theater and Amateur Night there
  • Network television station and TV production company visits
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How many children in foster care go on each excursion, and who goes with them?

Typically, we take 4 to 8 children on each excursion.  Culture For One’s first excursion was with just one child and we still take only one or two youth on some excursions.  On occasions when larger quantities of tickets have been gifted, we have taken up to 30 children. Foster agency staff chaperones always accompany the children (serving as their official supervisors). And Culture For One volunteers are a vital part of each excursion – providing individual attention and encouragement to the children.  

How long do Culture For One cultural excursions last?

On average, an outing involving a performance and a meal takes 3 to 4 hours. Most of our excursions take place in the afternoon or early evening, on weekends and during holidays, when school is not in session.

What age child does Culture For One serve? 

Culture For One serves children currently in the foster care system that range in age from 21 months to 21 years old. There are, however, youth who continue to receive some services if they've aged out of foster care but are enrolled in college as an undergraduate. 

How can I get involved with Culture for One so that I can make a difference? 

It's easy to help children in foster care. Here's how:

  • Make a donation. Write a check payable to Culture for One, Inc., and mail it to our address below.

  • Make a connection. Email us at info@cultureforone.org if you can provide us with tickets, access, or introductions to organizations or companies involved with the arts, media or pop culture.

  • Make time. Email us at info@cultureforone.org if you would like to volunteer for a simple project or attend a cultural excursion with a few kids in foster care.
  • Make yourself part of the Culture For One family by signing up for our newsletter or visiting us at facebook.com/CultureForOne.

Does Culture For One exist anywhere besides New York City? 

At this time, we are a small organization with big dreams. Our roots are in New York City and we have a special place in our hearts for the kids in need who are growing up here. We’ve found there is a tremendous and valuable need to provide children in foster care with inspiring cultural opportunities.  One of our long term ambitions is to reproduce our program in additional US cities.